Turanga Leela is a mid-aged mutant that lives on Earth. Known simply as "Leela", she is one of the main characters in Matt Groening's American Animated Series Futurama. In "The Futurama Crew" Her horrible "Blernsball" skills do not come in handy when a game of whole should not be killed is played. When Smiley says Blernsball is just a rip off of baseball Leela, Fry, Bender, Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg play a game of futuristic baseball while Professor Farnsworth is a referee. Leela in "The Quahog Crew" is shown as lois when Madi is trying to watch TV and hits a wrong button on the remote. This is a parody to when the Griffins travel to Italy and peter is fooling around with the remote and morphs stewie into popular cartoon characters. In "The Futurama Crew" The crew encourage Leela to go to the eye doctor to get her eye checked out. In "Animation Showdown" Leela asks Professor Farnsworth if she can change her hair color to blonde, but they accidentally cause the sun to disappear.


S5E20"The Futurama Crew"

S6E17"The Quahog Crew"