John Herbert"Herbert the Pervert"is an elderly pedohebephile who lives on Spooner Street along with The Griffins. He has a special connection towards Chris Griffin. In"The Quahog Crew" Brayden, Finch, Smiley, Cleveland Jr., Stewie, Chris, and Rallo are playing football in The Griffin's front yard when Herbert notices them while walking Jesse and Immediately chases after all seven of them and replies"Emmm we go some newbies" "Want some popsicles on this very hot summer day?" Then Future-Worm from Future-Worm!, American TV Program created by Ryan Quincy for Disney XD, "accidentally" shoots them both them with a lazer sending them to another dimension.

Specials Edit

SSES "Animation Showdown"

Appearances Edit

S6E17 "The Quahog Crew"