Francine Smith is a main character from Seth Macfarlane's American TV Program American Dad!. She is the wife of Stan Smith and the mother of Hayley and Steve Smith. She is the daughter Nicholas and Cassandra Dawson who put her up for adoption at a early age. She was adopted by Bah Bah and Ma Ma Ling. Her adoptive sister is Gwen Ling.

Francine is the average housewife and has a crazy attitude.

In "The Quahog Crew" Madi Martin is fouling with the remote and morphs Lois into popular animated moms and peter including Francine Smith.

In "U Fd Oh?" Francine, Hayley, Steve, and Klaus Smith say "Well why not show us they showed everyone else? Where's Roger?"

Specials Edit

SSES "Animation Throwdown"

Appearances Edit

S6E18 "U Fd Oh?"