Ernie The Giant Chicken is the arch nemesis of Peter Griffin. Ernie usually shows up when Peter is in the middle of a conversation and then they both began into a epic battle with Peter always winning and Ernie dying then secretly getting back up with Peter returning to the conversation are beat up. In "The Quahog Crew" Ernie and Peter begin to fight after Randall is talking to Peter about fixing the door that Hamlet and Brian broke.

In "Animation Showdown" Randall, Peter, Homer, Bob, Stan, Hank, and Philip go to Chicken Strips to bet on female chickens, while the ladies talk to Leela about ideas how to fix the sun, and Ernie sees Peter breaking out into a Mega Battle between everyone in to club.

Specials Edit

SSES "Animation Showdown"

S6E17 "The Quahog Crew"