Cleveland Orenthal Brown, Sr. is the main protagonist of Seth Macfarlane's American TV Program The Cleveland Show. Cleveland has been in a few episodes of The Outer Crew.

In "Re-ntal" The Martins move for two days onto 241 Cosmell Street where they see Waterman's cable is taking off 50% off the final cost of installment for two weeks, so they call Waterman's cable and demand a installment as soon as possible. When a knock comes to the door Cleveland Brown is the cable installer and Brayden remarks "Wow now I see why its 50% off."

In "The Quahog Crew" Cleveland Brown goes fishing with Peter, Joe, Quagmire, Randall, Brayden, Finch, and Smiley.

In "Black Friday" Cleveland and Peter Griffin are fighting over a Xbox and then they reply "Oops! Wrong show!"

Specials Edit

SSES "Animation Showdown"

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S5E17 "Black Friday"

S6E17 "The Quahog Crew"