Brando Ebenezer Heston is 25% African, 45% German 15% Swedish, and 15% Russian. He is 17, and the son of Asward and Alley Heston. He is the brother of the twin brothers Hutson and Gudson Heston. He is usually tricking students and teachers into wasting their time when asking for some supplies.

In "Black Friday" Brayden is $5 short of a computer mouse, so he asks Brando for a $5 bill, and Brando replies for 30 seconds "is this a $5 bill?" and then is followed by a cussing from a store employee.

In "Test Day" Finch asks for a pencil and for a minute and a half Brando replies "does this have lead" and then Finch asks for a No.2 pencil with Brando replying "that's disgusting" and then saying "is this one sharpened" then being cussed out by Finch.

Brando is supposed to be a senior along with Madi, but he is a freshmen with Brayden, Finch, and Smiley. The teachers are often annoyed by him especially Mr. Vandight, who often forgets everything for class.