Antioch Ssimmons is a 27 year old coral rattlesnake that is single and considers himself as being a mental virgin.

In "He's not got a date" Antioch is rumored to have once been married to Tricia Takanawa, a reporter for Quahog 5 News, who is a Japanese character from Seth Macfarlane's American TV Program Family Guy, voiced by Alex Borstein. After a shortage in ingredients for nail polish, Tricia Takanawa travels from Quahog, Rhode Island to Crapstone, Tennessee to have

a interview with Acko Bangie, the owner of Acko's Nails, where she meets and has sex with Antioch. This makes Tricia Takanawa the first Family Guy character to appear on The Outer Crew. In " Alebino" Antioch's Albino Uncle comes to Crapstone to live with him because Mearada, his wife, kicks him out because Allen Ssimmons over a fight they had over which college their son, Quateroy, should go to.

In " Yellow, Black, and Red" Antioch is arrested for being "racist" for having the colors of the German flag. He is called into trial in Germany, where he is fined 9441 Euros and has to get a job in Germany as a McDonald's Employee.


S1E5 "Acko's Nails"

S1E7"Fire Alarm"

S1E8"Flash drive"

S1E9"Bluejays in the park"

S1E13"Cotton Candy"

S1E17"She's got Male!"

S1E21"He's in Mid-air"

S1E25"The Sssecret Crew"

S1E27"The Ssshort Crew

S2E4"Da Micro Cew"

S2E7"You Coward"

S2E9"The Basement Crew"

S2E11"The Attic Crew"

S2E22"That's one FE-male"

S2E26"AU I got gold"


S3E1"Burger Prince"

S3E3"Balls of Steel"

S3E5"The Hairy Crew"

S3E6"He's the Tutee"

S3E7"Suck my Caulk"

S3E8"Apples can't eat Grapes"

S3E9"The Burnt Chateau"

S3E10"What about some Grapefruit"

S3E13"The Baldsuit"


S3E15"The Sausage Cew"

S3E17"He is Rich"

S4E2"Is that a option"

S4E3"The Dolphin Crew"

S4E5"The Axe"

S4E7"The New Nale"

S4E9"Party with NFA"

S4E10"The Mud Bomb"


S4E13"The Ketchup Crew"

S4E15"The Pig Flu"

S4E19"The Chinese Crew"

S5E2"Beursalt's birthday"

S5E4"The Little Snake that's all good"

S5E6"That Sea Snake's all grown up"

S5E7"He's not got a date"


S5E9"The Drag Queen"

S5E12"The Definition of Soporific"

S5E15"The Opinion Crew"

S5E16"Hide and go pleek"

S5E17"Black Friday"

S5E19"Yellow, Black, and Red"

S5E20"The Futurama Crew"

S6E3"The Episode with no name"

S6E6"Beetle Juice"

S6E7"Backer's in town now"

S6E9"Orange you glad its not snowing anymore"

S6E12"Feeding Frenzy"

S6E13"Watch the Speed Limit!"

S6E14"New Channel Knive"

S6E15"What Type"

S6E16"Species of Life"

S6E17"The Quahog Crew"

S6E18 "U Fd Oh?"