Plot Edit

When the Martins are eating breakfast, Brayden is reading a newspaper and asks the family if anyone has heard about the alien sightings, and everyone claims they have not. Randall and Tiffany say there's no such thing as aliens, when Roger from Seth Macfarlane's TV show American Dad!, yells "there is to!" with Tiffany screaming "there's a alien in here!".

Madi brings her boyfriend from school, Andy Blaylocke that Brayden and Finch suggests he is diffidently a alien, with of course Smiley saying no he isn't. Hamlet continues to bite him and U.F.O. sightings continue.

Meanwhile. Tiffany goes to Acko's Nails to get her nails done, and everyone there s talking about the U.F.O. sightings. Antioch says he saw one when he was doing Madi and Jessica's nails, and Acko Bangie said he saw one when he was shoving his wife into the closet. Then Buersualt says I haven't had any U.F.O. sightings, but I have a alien sighting then he points to Roger with Roger saying "there is to" with a curse word.

Tiffany has a encounter with a U.F.O. when she goes to gas at Oleum's and groceries at Yelo groceries. Randall tells Tiffany i'm sure the C.I.A. is doing something about this showing American Dad! characters Stan Smith, Avery Bullock, Reginald Koala, and Dick Reynolds.

At the end, the Smith's house appears and the American Dad! characters Francine, Hayley, and Steve Smith, and Klaus Heisler say "well they showed everyone else why not us?" Also Hayley is mentioned when Stan and Reginald Koala fight when Reginald Koala says the only alien he knows is Hayley.