When the Martins go to Vermont to visit Tiffany

's parents, Cello is supposed to enter in 30 Stroomer Street, but he accidentally enters in 31 Spooner Street, which the Martins don't realize till they have arrived at the Griffins in Quahog, Rhode Island. When they notice they are at the wrong address, they start to drive off, and they run out of gas. They all go to knock on the door and Lois invites them to stay with them till they can get fuel for their car.

When Madi is trying to watch TV, she hits a wrong button and switches Lois into Peter, Leela, Francine Smith, and Marge Simpson.

When Brayden, Finch, and Smiley go play football with Chris, Stewie, Rallo, and Cleveland Jr., they are all attacked by Herbert and Jesse where Herbert is hit by Future Worm "By Accident".

Lois and Tiffany go to see a movies and Peter and Randall go to the clam, Adella, Brian and Hamlet leave Cello at home alone while they go to the park, Cello throws a ghost dance party that invites deceased characters from Family Guy including Diane Simmons, Thelma and Francis Griffin, Loretta Brown, Muriel Goldman, and Bertram.

When Brayden, Finch, and Smiley return from the backyard football game, Brayden goes upstairs to take a bath, and when he's done, he takes a step down the stairs and slips all the way down the stairs just like peter did when the Griffins replaced their stairs after Stewie gets a splinter In "The Blind Side". Brayden ends up tearing his MCL says Dr.Hartman, and is disabled for two days.

After Brayden Heals from his "injury" Peter, Randall, Brayden, Finch, Smiley, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire all go fishing at Lake Quahog where Quagmire's cabin is located. Brayden asks Quagmire what kinda bait he is using and he replies he is using "Master Bait" which is understood as a dirty joke.

Brian and Hamlet run through the door to follow Brayden holding steak and they run over Joe. The family has to repair to door.

Finally Adella says they all know we just ran over a dog we didn't run out of gas right, and every one says no!, it turns out they ran over Vinny, which was gonna ask the Griffins for some sugar to make some Carrot Cake because he was out.